How expensive can a rebuilt ball screw be?

Rebuilding your ball screw could be as expensive as buying a new one because of the process that is going to be done to ensure that you get its quality normal. Companies are different, and there is a variation like screw bolts which determines the price of the rebuild.

#1. For worn out nuts


Worn out nuts is a very simple problem, but because nuts cannot be replaced without opening the whole machine, the cost will remain high, and people could end up incurring substantial costs. It could cost you around $100 to $150 depending on the rebuilding company you hire.

#2. Replacing the shafts


Shafts are the key components of the ball screw. They are very expensive because they are strong, and they require serious rectification when damaged. For rebuilding to occur, you need to ensure that these shafts are in position and competently working. It could cost you around $100 to $250

#3. Dirty surfaces and broken parts


For complete rebuilding to take place, all the dirty parts must be cleaned with right chemicals, all the defective materials replaced and all the malfunctioning parts replaced to ensure that you have a perfect ball screw. It could cost you anywhere from $200 to $2500 depending on the size, make and model.

All the materials need to be in proper working condition. Depending on the problems that are going to be found, the prices of rebuilding these materials differ from screw to screw.

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