The 5 step rebuild process all great companies follow

Different approaches are used by various companies to reconstruct the ball screw. Even though the approach is different, they use the same principles to rebuild the whole ball screw compartment. Below are the steps used to reconstruct the screw bolt entirely?

#1. The load of the nut needs to be checked at every end of the bolt to ensure that it works perfectly

Checking the nuts is done to identify any looseness, reduction in quality or discoloration.

#2. Disassembly the components

On this, you can then examine its return mechanisms, ball screw sizes, and wipers as well as seals to ensure that they are perfect and fully functioning.

#3. Thread grinding

The threads of the ball screw could be worn out. You need to grind them to achieve a linear foot size of 0.002. This size is the ideal one for the efficient functioning of the ball screw. You also need to grind the nut to be the same size with the ball screw for it to work.

#4. Repair process

All the seals and return mechanisms are them fixed after identifying their problems. They are fully rectified to ensure that they work nicely at all times. Do precision grinding of the new nuts to match the ones on the ball screw before replacing them. Clean everything before putting the new balls on the ball screw.

#5. Assemble all the components

Do everything systematic, assemble everything until the whole structure comes into existence. To avoid making mistakes, test every tool in the ball screw before fixing everything to ensure that you have all things well prepared.

The process is aiming at getting ball screw set from inside coming out. But you can choose to start where the problem is. Be careful because if you mess up with a single step, the whole structure will be worthless.

To find out more about how to reconstruct a ball screw go to: Wikipedia – Ball_screw

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